I want to thank you for offering Melody Academy of Music in the Palo Alto Recreation Guide. The Academy is a great music school for young children.


Last year I registered my 5 year old in piano classes for the first time, and I am really grateful to have made that choice. My son is thriving in his new musical skill, and most importantly, enjoying the classes very much. 


One of the things I would like to point out about the group classes, is that music is taught in a fun way to keep young children engaged. Group classes are also supplemented with monthly private sessions, where posture, and other performance details are corrected. Also, parent participation is required, which is another benefit, as the parents can help with the daily practice at home. And the most important event is the Annual Recital, which takes place in November, at a performing arts stage around the Bay Area. The children perform their best pieces in front of an audience, and after that, they receive a trophy for their hard work. It makes them feel really special!


Thank you, again, for providing this wonderful school of music in the Enjoy magazine.


Angeles F.

Palo Alto, CA



I am writing this letter to thank you for providing a wonderful music school in your recreation guide.  We registered Melody Academy of Music through your guide a few years ago and we are grateful that we made such a good choice.  Melody Academy of Music (MAM) is a special kind of music school for young starters.


First of all, MAM has a great strategy to teach young kids.  Group lesson is strongly recommended by us for kids to start.  Group lessons make kids learn and enjoy playing piano.  They teach music notes, beats, rhythm, and scales in readily understandable and fun ways to keep young kids stay interested in learning.  Correct playing postures are also building up through group lessons.  Secondly, the materials are carefully chosen by teachers for individual learners.  Teachers here at MAM understand students’ levels precisely and will provide appropriate books for them to learn.  Students normally have more than 3 books (sometimes 5 ~ 6 books) to broaden their fundamental skills.  Strong fundamental skill is the key to learn instruments!  MAM is the music school that emphasizes it.  In addition, parent’s participation is required at MAM.  Parents sit in the classroom together with their kids in order to help young kids practice at home.  Kids have benefited from parents’ participation stupendously in such young age.  Moreover, MAM provides great opportunities for students to perform music.  The Annual Recital is the most important event for students to perform on stage.  An official performing arts stage, such as children’s theater or musical hall, is provided for annual recital.  Students will practice their music in detail and will proudly present their achievements on stage every year.  All MAM teachers help students prepare for this big event.  Almost every student moves to a newer music lever after the recital.


My son started his piano journey at age of 5 in a group lesson here at MAM.  He has lots of fun with other kids while learning piano in group lesson.  He’s been staying with MAM for over 3 years now.  Based on the strong fundamental skills building up at MAM, he won several awards in piano competition, including an outstanding one.  One thing is for sure, my son will keep his piano journey for life time.  We are thankful to register MAM thru your recreation guide and start my son’s music with MAM.  Melody Academy of Music is definitely a great music school for young kids.


Fred F.